November 18th, 2004


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Вот. Не судите чересчур строго.

An Eastern Romance

You whisper softly: "Are you leaving?"
But I'm attached to you with chains.
My oath is made and it remains,
And there's more truth in this deceiving
Than holy Alkoran contains.

Why should you always look for reason
Why I would leave you? Pray you stop,
This burden never shall I drop;
If I commit this awful treason
The snow will leave the mountains' top.

Rejoice, and do not worry how
To keep this happiness, but know
That while the summit's in the snow
Things will remain as they are now
Up in the highlands and below.

Your Lord-blessed country, to be sure,
Knows not what winter cold could be,
It lies as far as one can see.
My home province is so poor
And so far from any sea.

Although you try to hold me near
Soon you will see that I was right,
And after one unhappy night
I will depart; and then you'll hear
The snow coming from the height.

The mighty flood will hide my traces,
Will cover all that was before,
Will mix the lies and truth, and more
Will wash the tears from our faces,
And flow further to the shore.
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