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И физикам полезно расширить кругозор

Auditory Localization of Ground-Borne Vibrations in Snakes
Paul Friedel, Bruce A. Young, and J. Leo van Hemmen
Physical Review Letters 100, 048701 (2008)

Interaural time differences allow many animals to perform azimuthal sound localization. Snakes lack a tympanic membrane, external ear openings, and any other superficial indication of an auditory mechanism. They do, however, possess an inner ear with functional cochlea. The oval window is connected through a loss-free osseous lever system to the two, de facto independent, sides of the lower jaw, which typically rest on the substrate. The footfall of prey generates small-amplitude, low propagation velocity, Rayleigh waves in the soil. This type of wave can be described as fluid motion. Accordingly we apply naval-engineering techniques to show that lower-jaw motion gives rise to a neuronal representation of the auditory world with realistic sensitivity and stereo precision.
Tags: только.мыши

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