Bourgeois Gentilhomme (pauldol) wrote,
Bourgeois Gentilhomme

Ну вот, наконец-то научный подход

Correlations and Omori law in spamming

M. Pica Ciamarra et al. EPL 84 28004 (2008)

The most costly and annoying characteristic of the e-mail communication system is the large number of unsolicited commercial e-mails, known as spams, that are continuously received. Via the investigation of the statistical properties of the spam delivering intertimes, we show that spams delivered to a given recipient are time correlated: if the intertime between two consecutive spams is small (large), then the next spam will most probably arrive after a small (large) intertime. Spam temporal correlations are reproduced by a numerical model based on the random superposition of spam sequences, each one described by the Omori law. This and other experimental findings suggest that statistical approaches may be used to infer how spammers operate.
Tags: только.мыши
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