Bourgeois Gentilhomme (pauldol) wrote,
Bourgeois Gentilhomme

молодой человек из хорошей семьи даёт советы

Q: What are the most effective mechanisms to help develop science here?

A: Endowments and government support. If we don't have enough money through endowments, there should be state support. When state funds are used they should be distributed by the scientific community, which can better evaluate the effectiveness of where the money goes than the government can. Moscow State University should be able to hire the best professors in the world — attract them with growth opportunities and a well-established reputation. Let us pay more to make up for the fact that Moscow's climate is worse than in California, but we should have that opportunity.

Q: How important is a scientist's nationality when he or she wins an international prize?

A: When scientists win prizes, their nationality should be secondary. The most important thing should be which university they are from.

Let's talk about universities, not countries. How many Nobel laureates were there at Moscow State University in the last 15 to 20 years? Let a Kazakh professor based at the Moscow State University win a prize. Or a Tajik. That would be fantastic. And it won't be important who he is, but that he works at MGU.

It is really important for the country and its education system that on its territory there are Nobel laureates. The fact that the professor is Russian or a Tajik or a Kalmyk from the steppes [!! — pauldol] is completely unimportant. We tend to focus on the nationality of the professor, but we should focus on the educational institutions that work on the territory of our country.

... и так далее.

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