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Misunderstanding media

Взял вчера в Москве бесплатную газету, стал читать и остался в недоумении:
Russians' political ideals haven't changed much in essence since the Stalin era, when they were analyzed as part of the Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System, based on interviews with immigrants from the Soviet Union. American researchers then concluded that Soviet citizens did not value state control as an end in itself. They rather saw it as the only way to promote both public and private interests. Russians did not share the American tendency to see state interference as negative in all cases. They wanted to live in "a paternalistic state with extremely wide powers which it would vigorously excercise to control the nation's destiny, but which yet served the interests of the citizen beningly, which respected his personal dignity and left him with ... a feeling of freedom from arbitrary interference and punishment."

Aleksander Lukin, Authoritaritarianism and Its Discontents, The Moscow Times, 12.02.2004

(1) Что за иммигранты советского происхождения в сталинское время?
(2) То, о чём пишет автор --- точка зрения этих иммигрантов или их представления о взглядах народа?
(3) Кто идиот --- я или автор статьи?

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